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U.S. staged was a True Religion government crisis , rather than the economic crisis. The U.S. economy has not come to an end , but facing a boom . Cheap labor , cheap capital , cheap energy, and do not take into account the long-term environmental risk : This is the ideal prerequisite for sustained economic prosperity . China in the past 35 years by virtue of this approach to achieve an amazing leap. United States now follow the same example and hope China 's successful model.

Cheap labor in the United States True Religion Outlet, because there are a lot of unemployed. In addition, unlike in Europe , the U.S. population is still growing . In this case , the wage level is unlikely to occur rapidly , increased significantly. Capital in the United States is cheap , because the Fed is almost free lending policies lead to lower interest rates.

U.S. capital markets the capacity and True Religion Jeans flexibility will try to make this exploration success. Accompanied by information and communication technology and the progress of biology and materials science infrastructure modernization is essential for the growth of the U.S. economy to promote . The United States has replaced Russia and Saudi Arabia , respectively, to become the world 's largest natural gas and oil producing countries . The result: America's energy low prices. The turning point in the European energy policy has resulted in the increase in energy prices .

In summary, the U.S. producers true religion sale relative to the competitiveness of European rivals will become stronger. This will cause the U.S. appear re-industrialization .

This crisis is the U.S. government 's transformation necessary for the part . U.S. will become even more in the production area in China, in the field of social welfare is more European.

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